Why Vietnam ?

Vietnam’s economy and market continue to experience rapid growth, development and diversification. Besides, government initiatives towards building capacities, liberalisation and standardisation, and enhancing standards and rights, the country continues to strengthen its appeal as an investment destination. With many international agreements such as EVPTA, CPTPP, WTA and PTA with Asian, China, Korea … Vietnam now is one of favorite countries to invest in Asia. 

Complimentarily, investors can enjoy the benefits of low capital intensity compared to neighbouring markets such as Thailand and Malaysia, a young and increasingly skilled and talented workforce, especially in technical and digital fields, and high standards and availability of infrastructure, transport and logistics, business services and supporting industries.

Why HWS?

Despite the significant opportunities, regulation can be difficult to navigate and interpret, and procedures can be time-consuming and nuanced. At the same time, Vietnamese business culture is one built on relationships. While this is beneficial for investors, given Vietnamese hospitality and positive attitude towards foreigners, it can also be difficult to get in touch with the right people to suit investor objectives and profile.

HWS has over 6 years of experience in sports and entertainment industry which provides a great knowledge of tourism, real estate, hotel and hospitality, transportation and more… HWS also is a member of Vietnam Young Entrepreneur Association and BNI Viet Nam. HWS can assist with identifying opportunities based on your profile, finding investment solutions that accommodate your objectives, managing investment procedures, networking and matchmaking, and referral to further services. 



Identify opportunities

While we can support with a broader range of investments, we are currently focusing on a handful of areas with emerging and coming opportunities for investment: ​

  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Industrial land bidding
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Support Industry
  • Further fields as opportunities arise!

Legal Advises

We provide advises for your profile and investment intentions to fit the local context and requirements. Solutions include (but not limited to):

  • Tailoring general legal enterprise models
  • Investment Permission and Opportunities
  • For niche, unique and limited-duration opportunities

Provide Support

Complimentary to your investment path, we can support with:

  • Managing investment procedures and bureaucracy, including:Prospectus, proposal, tendering, permits, licensing​…
  • Requirements related to investment, such as:Banking, finance, taxation, migration, real estate, …
  • Matchmaking and networking support, and referrals to other services
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