Successful Projects

Modern Leisure Water Park

42,000 ㎡
The project is an investment attraction project in Tongchuan District, covering an area of about 42,000 ㎡ and a total investment of about 120 million yuan. It is a large ocean theme water park integrating water entertainment, flavor snacks, leisure tourism,amusement carnival and large-scale interactive interpretation.

High-Tech Waterpark

20,000 ㎡
YinLang Water Park is located in Zitong campus of Sichuan University of Culture and Art, covering an area of 20000㎡. The park adopts “ocean world” as the theme,integrates high-tech amusement attractions, natural ecological landscape and unique construction style. It is the first water theme park with complete facilities in the locality.

Entertainment Theme Park

12,000 ㎡
JinHuWan Water Park covers an area of 12000㎡. According to the historical culture, subtropical monsoon climate characteristics and geographical location, the whole park was built into a unique leisure and entertainment theme water park in western Yunnan,with unique national cultural charm. It has become one of the top ten tourist attractions in Dehong, Yunnan Province.

Fun Aqua Park

40,000+ ㎡
The fun aqua park is called Miles of water village,which is designed and built by our company.There are large water aqua park equipment, including trumpet water slide,draft spiral water slide,high speed slide and multi-rainbow waterslide,as well as the excited double wave pools(Tsunami wave pool and Pneumatic wave pool),etc.

Why HWS?

Despite the significant opportunities, regulation can be difficult to navigate and interpret, and procedures can be time-consuming and nuanced. At the same time, Vietnamese business culture is one built on relationships. While this is beneficial for investors, given Vietnamese hospitality and positive attitude towards foreigners, it can also be difficult to get in touch with the right people to suit investor objectives and profile.

HWS has over 6 years of experience in sports and entertainment industry which provides a great knowledge of tourism, real estate, hotel and hospitality, transportation and more… HWS also is a member of Vietnam Young Entrepreneur Association and BNI Viet Nam. HWS can assist with identifying opportunities based on your profile, finding investment solutions that accommodate your objectives, managing investment procedures, networking and matchmaking, and referral to further services. 

Main Equipment Listings

Combination Slide

$ 52,350/Set
Material: Fiberglass & Hot-Galvanized Steel

MOQ: 1 set /  Color: Customized

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Spiral Water Slide

$  300/Meter
Certification: Iso9001,Sgs

MOQ: 10 meters / Color: Customized

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Trumpet Water Slide

$ 260,000/Set
Working Life: Above 12 Years

MOQ: 1 set / Color: Customized

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Water House

$ 110,300/Set
Small, Medium, And Large Size

MOQ: 1 set / Size: Customized

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Wave Pool

$ 52,350/Set
400 – 4000 Sq Meters

MOQ: 1 set / Size: Customized

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Lazy River

$ 89,500/Set
3-5 M Width And 100-1000 M Length

MOQ: 100 m / Length: Customized

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